Dandurand Vents Frustration About “Rebellion” Fiasco

February 23, 2013 By Jordan Miller

“Rebellion” continues to be the most sought after, controversial unreleased track from Britney’s extensive catalog to date.

For a short while, it looked as if the track would leak, but rumors swirled claiming Team Britney put the kibosh on the planned release, and “Rebellion” co-producer Jeff Dandurand backed out.

Dandurand wants to release the mysterious track, but got fed up after getting extreme hate from some Britney fans. He made a podcast venting his frustrations, saying he’s in the process of getting the song out “in the right way”.

Dandurand says:

“Because I didn’t leak the song I’m an *******, I’m a scumbag, I’m a loser, I should be killed… because I didn’t leak the Britney Spears song… and you know what? If I would have leaked it anyway when they wanted me to they’d STILL think I’m a douchebag. They don’t give a **** about what I do, what I create; they don’t create anything. They’re consumers that sit on their fat ***… they don’t do anything. They just WANT.”

Dandurand, with all due respect, once you let go of the criticism you receive from strangers on the Internet, you’re a free man. It’s taking yourself out of your ego for a moment and understand the Britney fans wishing death on you or trashing your reputation are really harboring insecurities and worries of their own. You have to overlook it and know you’re trying to do a good thing by releasing the sought-after track.

Some are meant to consume, others are meant to produce.

Check out Dandurand’s slightly alarming podcast clip below: