Dancer Adrien Galo Talks Britney

October 19, 2011 By Jordan Miller

One of Britney’s backup dancers on the Femme Fatale Tour (also the cop in the “I Wanna Go” video), Adrien Galo, opened up about working with her in a new French interview.

In it he says Britney is very shy. One Exhaler translated: “In the morning she’s got training with her coach. After she continues to dance with us for 4-5 hours because she is a hardworking woman. But behind her there is always her dad Jamie, or Larry or Adam, but I can say one thing: she works a lot.”

“Personally I know that she is a dancer. I saw her; she can really dance, but there is one thing missing: it’s her motivation. It’s the same ******* person, it’s just that ten years after you don’t have the same motivation as ten years earlier, but she’s a dancer and for the tour, Jamie King decided to do something which is not very hard, but something in what she had fun to do.”

Unfortunately some of this may be lost in translation.

Britney recently revealed in an interview she has nothing to prove and does this for fun.