“Dance” Your Depression Away With Leon Else’s New Video

November 15, 2016 By Jordan Miller

British singer Leon Else offers an emotional escape in his “Dance” video.


British singer Leon Else offers an emotional escape in his “Dance” video.

For three-minutes straight, Else’s body belongs to the music. The new visual for “Dance” off his upcoming debut LP is set in a stark, empty room, which he fills with jittery movement stylized around simplicity. It’s a honest interpretation of a fighter’s journey through this thing we call life, three minutes of visual gymnastics to help us forget about our troubles, and it all begins with a dance.

“I wanted the video to be me dancing, because the song is about dancing depression away,” Else tells Paper. “It’s about dancing to make yourself feel good. It’s about how music can actually be almost like medicine- It’s meditative, it’s almost like like therapy. I struggle with ADHD, so I have mental health issues that I deal with, and I speak very openly about it. I’m not ashamed of it, it’s who I am. For me, to move, to be physical, that really helps me. I wanted to really show that. I chose [to have] Jordan Behat who directed Black Car, [direct the video] because I wanted some consistency with the lighting, and I wanted it to feel like it all came from the same sort of place, so I made the decision to work with him again.”

He also offers a refreshing point of view about social media’s intoxicating quest to find self-importance.

“We always see the Instagram filtered life. Everyone’s so quick to put a filter on their life. Even a beautiful sunset is not beautiful enough. We have to edit it and put extra color and a filter. We’re so busy trying to get everyone to validate us, that what we’re forgetting to do is actually validate ourselves. I think it’s about accepting that life isn’t perfect.”

He adds: “I think everyone’s always trying to be too strong. It’s okay to be open about [your emotions], to talk about it. I used to take medication daily, but I’m trying not to take it daily, because I try to eat well, and I try to exercise, and be physical, because it releases natural endorphins, which naturally fight depression. I wanted to talk about what I do to make myself feel better and to say, ‘Look, I’ve got issues, I’ve got problems. And I’m okay with that.’ Because what really connects us as humans is that we feel a lot of the same things – in different ways, because of what house we’re in or how much money we earn, or where we’re born- but one thing that does really brings us together is feeling. And another thing that brings us together is music. And that sounds quite cliché, but that’s what really does bring us together, and it’s my way of saying, ‘Look, this is me, this is what I do.’ It’s sort of an insight into my life and what I go through.”


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