Just because Britney is away, doesn’t mean the drama is. According to a newly released court document from the Superior Court of California after a hearing on May 13th, Britney must continue her father’s allowance of $10,000 a month as co-conservator until otherwise stated. Britney’s lawyers filed a “Petition for Order Allowing and Authorizing Payment of Replacement Compensation to [Britney’s father and co-conservator] JAMES P. SPEARS.”

“The court granted the petition, and also temporarily granted a request to seal supporting documents related to the petition, pending another hearing on May 29. No further details were available,” according to etonline.com.

This is ontop of the $375,000 Britney owes to Mark Vincent Kaplan [Kevin Federline’s custody lawyer], the $685,985.22 she owes to Trope & Trope [Britney’s first legal representation], the $10,000 a week til’ July 31st Sam Ingham [court-appointed lawyer] gets, the $100,000 Andrew Wallet [other co-conservator] gets, the $175,000 the Luce Forward law firm gets, the $22,500 Clark Byam [second attorney] gets, and the $75,000 Stacy Phillips [the lawyer representing Britney in the family law case] gets, according to this court document.

$10,000 bucks and a trip to Costa Rica. Not bad!

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