Dad Jamie Spears is going to the courts, asking to be paid for directing and managing the tour for Britney’s Femme Fatale show, according to

The amount is not clear, but apparently it’s in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, however this is actually cheap for a tour director spot.

Says TMZ:

To give you some perspective, 5 people managed the 2009 Circus Tour. Although the amount they made is blacked out in the legal documents, we were able to discern the amount is in the 7 figures. With Jamie on board for the Britney Spears/Nicki Minaj Femme Fatale Tour, 3 of the 5 positions will be eliminated. Thus, if Jamie gets a 6 figure salary for the upcoming 8-month world tour, everybody wins.

This is in addition to the $16,000 Jamie receives as conservator.

The tour kicks off today in Sacramento.

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