D∆WN winds down the ‘Redemption’ era with her breezy new tune “Vines.”


D∆WN winds down the Redemption era with her breezy new tune “Vines.”

The innovative singer is continuously searching for ways to outdo herself, and in five years D∆WN (real name Dawn Richard) has learned a thing or two about her artistry. With her latest release “Vines,” D∆WN leans away from the jittery electro-synth magic she’s tapped into throughout 2016 and just allowed the cut to just… be.

“I wanted a record that breathed, that was different from a lot of the records on the album, that had the space to just sit,” she tells W magazine who premiered the song. “I wanted it to be naked.”

She enlisted Maroon 5 keyboardist PJ Morton for the track she describes as “bayou synth” and “sultry voodooism.”

“As a woman, you reach a place where you’re comfortable in your own skin. You’re fearless in what you talk about,” she continued. “As a woman, you shouldn’t have to apologize for speaking on sexuality.”

Listen below:

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