D∆WN’s final chapter of her trilogy, titled ‘Redemption Heart (The Red Era),’ drops November 18.


UPDATE: D∆WN shared her dance floor-ready song “Renegade” off Redemption Heart. It features a stomping beat while she demands attention over building synths: “I know you like it when I remind you that I’m yours,” she asserts.

Listen to the mesmerizing new tune below:


D∆WN’s final chapter of her trilogy, titled Redemption Heart (The Red Era), drops November 18.

D∆WN (formerly known as Dawn Richard) is one of the most imaginative artists in the game, and she has her sights set on what’s to come. Her forthcoming record Redemption Heart will explore the colorful facets that makeup her creative DNA on what she dubs her most brave record to date, and it’s now available for pre-order on iTunes.

“I spent more time on this album than any other era because I wanted it to be special,” she wrote on Instagram. “I wanted to speak on self discovery. What it means to be black. To be a woman. To speak on gay rights. To speak on black crimes. To talk about sexual discovery. And to find redemption in having a voice to do so.”

She adds: “Thank you for standing in this movement with me. For fighting in each era and growing with me. You have a heart for life.”

Redemption Heart (The Red Era) Tracklist:

1. Redemption (Intro)
2. Love Under Lights
3. Black Crimes
4. Voices
5. LA (feat. Trombone Shorty)
6. Interim (Interlude)
7. Renegades
8. Lazarus
9. Tyrants
10. Vines (Interlude) [feat. PJ Morton]
11. Hey Nikki
12. Sands
13. Lilies (Interlude)
14. The Louvre
15. Valhalla (Outro)

“I think I’m done playing with the past,” D∆WN told MTV earlier this year of Redemption Heart. “The Red Era is very much in 2035. This is my party record, my ‘goddamnit, we made it’ record.”

She adds the record will explore the best, happiest version of her.

“I just didn’t know what that sounded like. I worried I was too dark and my happy would still be totally melancholy, but it’s not. It feels like a second line. You know about second lines? In New Orleans, we do it for weddings, funerals, whatever. Walk out in the middle of the day on a Sunday, like, ‘Oh, the sun is shining, let’s start ******* dancing.'”

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