An online joker has registered Britney Spears’ son’s name as a website – and is demanding $2million for it on eBay. The mystery joker has legally acquired the domain name and is now trying to sell it back to the pop beauty, and her husband Kevin Federline, on the popular internet auction site. At present, Britney is reportedly unaware of the stunt but the unusual sale is already attracting a host of bids.

Britney herself is auctioning a host of personal possessions on eBay to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina. The **** singer is selling 100 items on the auction site, including clothes, jewellery, furniture, a bar of lavender soap and bar stools from the her home. However, Britney has pulled a bra from the sale due to confusion over whether the item had been worn onstage by the star for a performance of ‘Baby one More Time’.

Credit: BritneyGlamour

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