Cameras “caught” Mark Vincent Kaplan outside another Hollywood hot-spot last night, and began drunkingly ranting about the settlement. I wish you guys could see me in real life – I do the BEST impersonation of him; dry, shallow, dead in the eyes. Unfortunately the people that do know me in real life don’t care enough to appreciate the parody. It’s ok, just take my word for it. In the video Kaplan has the audacity to say his client, Kevin, has been put through a lot these last two years. Don’t even get me started cause A. I’m so pissed. And hurt. And disappointed and B. am exhausted and bitter that Kaplan demanded the court date be pushed back to Friday morning, hours after I get home from the Dark Knight premiere. This dude ruins lives for a living. And his flavor of the week is constantly looking down at his pockets in this vid, cause you know she’s thinking they just got a helluva lot deeper. Attention whores.

A custody hearing will still be held at 8 am this morning for Commissioner Scott Gordon’s seal of approval. I can’t imagine Britney willingly agreed to this. Something fishy is going on, I can smell it. Click below to view the video.


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