Laura Wasser, Britney’s newly re-appointed custody lawyer, has asked that the entire courtroom be cleared under family court order 214 which states:


Except as otherwise provided in this code or by court rule, the court may, when it considers it necessary in the interests of justice and the persons involved, direct the trial of any issue of fact joined in a proceeding under this code to be private, and may exclude all persons except the officers of the court, the parties, their witnesses, and counsel.

According to, both Britney & Kevin have been sworn in.

UPDATE 10:00 AM PT — Wasser is sitting by Britney. Brit’s drinking from a water bottle, and K Daddy’s there in a suit, sporting his usual mohawk. After the bathroom break, Britney and K-Fed were both sworn in by the clerk. When it was Brit’s turn, the commish asked her to state her name and she just said, “Britney.” The commish then said, “Full name, please.” Then she replied Britney Spears. The Commish then granted a request to close the courtroom. – TMZ

Stay tuned…

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