Tomorrow Britney & Kevin were scheduled for a hearing to discuss next month’s trial for Britney and her two sons’ custody arrangement. According to, “tomorrow’s hearing has been rescheduled for Friday. When cases get postponed like that, there’s a chance the lawyers are trying to settle it and buy more time.”

A settlement sounds good!

But according to X17, Britney is faced with a catch-22. ” If the judge continues Jamie Spears’ control over his daughter’s estate, this might better secure Brit’s visitation with her two boys (right now, she has overnight visitation with Sean Preston and Jayden James). BUT, if Brit is indeed deemed well enough for the conservatorship to expire, that might have a negative effect in her custody battle with ex Kevin Federline.”

So if Britney is deemed healthy, she may lose more visitation with her kids? And if she’s deemed unstable, she has more time with them? Doesn’t seem very just to me.

Our world is so nice.

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