Kevin Federline is sending his vulture lawyer, Mark Kaplan, to court tomorrow arguing that Britney is “violating the Commissioner’s drug testing order,” according to TMZ. They continue to say “Sources say K-Fed’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, will go before L.A. Country Commissioner Scott Gordon tomorrow morning, arguing that Britney has failed to respond in a timely manner when she is called for random drug testing. We’re told Kaplan will ask to modify the existing custody order, giving Britney limited visitation rights… neither Britney nor K-Fed will be present.”

Isn’t he the one that said to Extra: “She has made efforts to have people professionally childproof those homes. Kevin has no desire to take these children out of her life.”

He’s full of it.

And SHE has to pay for HIM???!

And so it continues…

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