Look at you kids with your vintage music.


Look at you kids with your vintage music.

Lana Del Rey is free to do as she pleases, and she flexed that right at the Met Gala on Monday (May 7).


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TMZ (how are they everywhere?!) captured footage of Lana agreeing to taking a selfie with an eager fan. When he adjusted the iPhone for a better angle, the pop star changed her mind (no seas cortes).

“No, I’m doing it,” Lana initially said. A moment later, she was like ‘nah.’ “Well, you know what, f–k it.” She then walks off, leaving the fan totally distraught and confused. Rude! But I live.

Look, if Lana is blessing you with a selfie, you let her hold the damn iPhone however she pleases.

Watch the moment unfold below:


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