Hey guys! In the latest issue of Complete Woman Magazine (w/ Eva Longoria on the cover), a panel of guys rate & rank some of the hot fragrances out now. One of those just happens to be our very own B’s Curious. Read below for what they had to say, enjoy!


Not only are the stars entertaining us on the silver screen and on stage, they’re giving us sweet smells with signature fragrances. If the celebs are making them, and wearing them, should you be trying them out? CW’s Terra Cooney gather a panel of CW sniff-testers to find out what men really think about the perfumes of the stars – and if they’d go crazy smelling them on you!



Jumping on the bandwagon and creating her own scent, Britney Spears captured her signature beatuy in a bottle and labeled it Curious. The blonde bombshell teamed up with Los Angeles-based Brand Sense Marketing (those who brokered Elizabeth Arden) and came up with a white floral eau de parfum accented with Louisiana magnolia (to represent her Southern roots) and vanilla-infused musk. Oops…did she do it again? Our guy panel is here to let us know if it’s tempting or toxic…

Dan Says, “This smells good. It’s kind of a summery smell. It reminds me of down South and the ocean; it’s very fresh. This works for all age groups. I would be all over this girl because it seems like she really takes care of herself!”

Marlon Says, “[The person who wears this] is just a regular, everyday type of person,. It doesn’t bring forth a style for me. It’s an attractive smell but it’s not something that stands out. She could honestly wear this anywhere.”

Jon Says, “It’s nice, subtle, sweet. Someone who wears this has style. She’s **** and maybe somewhere between 20 and 40 years old. She’s really aware of what she’s wearing and I’d be drawn to the person wearing this because it’s not overpowering. I feel like she could gout for a night on the town or for any occasion with this.”

Avi Says, “This is a fun, flirty woman in her 20s. A really **** woman probably wears this perfume. I really like it and it would definitely catch my attention. This smells really, really good.”

Shannon Says, “It’s clean,. I smell the outside and flowers. This is someone who likes to go out. She’s a leader, not a follower. It’s very attractive. This fragrance would make someone step to you, because it’s real nice and subtle. Someone who is laid-back could wear it on a first date!” thanks britneysmind.com

SCORE: 4 1/2 Perfume Bottles Out Of 5

Credit – BritneySpears.Org

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