I just got a delightful email from Daphne about Britney’s new perfume.

I was a recent high bidder on Britney’s new Curious perfume on the ebay auction before her perfume was for sale to the public through retail stores. I paid much more than what it is selling for mow and I must say after receiving it, I feel that it is worth every penny I spent if not more. The bottle is absolutely georgous, like a blue diamond. The scent is light but powerful. It smells so wonderful that I can’t help but constantly smell my wrists! Even my 5 year old daughter always has to have some on when I spray it on myself 🙂 It is a very refreshing scent and everyone that has smelled it on me when I wear it has complimented on how nice it smells. Not only do I wear it every day, I also keep the bottle out for decoration! I own some high-priced, well-known brand perfumes and I don’t even wear them anymore now that I have this perfume. This is definitely Britney’s best product yet!


thanks britneyspears.org

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