Rapper CupcaKke shocked fans when she posted on Twitter and Instagram that she wants to commit suicide.

UPDATE: CupcakKe Tweeted fans that she is doing better after her suicide scare.

“I’ve been fighting with depression for the longest ..sorry that I did it public last night but I’m ok,” she said. “I went to the hospital & im finally getting the help that I need to get through , be happy , & deliver great music . thanks for all the prayers but please don’t worry bout me.”


The Chicago-based rapper sent the Internet into a worried frenzy after Tweeting: “im about to commit suicide” and then disappearing.

At first, people thought the message might be someone successfully hacking her account, but a screen capture of the Tweet also appears on CupcakKe’s Instagram.

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Earlier in the day, CupcakKe alluded to an interpersonal problem. “The first sign you get of someone abusive , you run for good and never turn back,” she wrote.

In the past, CupcakKe has mentioned how toxic Internet comments could be.

At the time of posting (10:30 pm PST, 5 hours after the Tweet went live), no one has heard from her.

Several fans on Twitter claimed to have called police.

Story developing…

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