Through tears, CupcakKe says she has had enough.

The Internet can be a wondrous place, but often times it’s a vicious cesspool of hatred and negativity… especially on stan Twitter.

Throughout the years, CupcakKe has been a target, and it’s taken a toll. The “Duck Duck Goose” rapper says she’s cancelling the remainder of the 10k Tour, pulling her music off of streaming platforms and is retiring from the biz.

The announcement comes after K-Pop stans body shamed her following some suggestible Tweets from Cup claiming she hooked up with Shawn Mendes and later shaded Camila Cabello.

“I will no longer be doing music, and all of my music will be coming off of every platform,” she told fans in an Instagram Live video.

Cup also says she’s ashamed that kids sing her songs.

“I feel as though I’m corrupting the youth… I want to go to heaven after this, and I don’t want to go to hell. Just seeing all-age kids at the shows, seeing them sing along to ‘hump me’ and ‘f–k me’ and all this s–t, it has torn me apart. I’m just not happy. I don’t want to be around no one right now… It’s wrong. And even if it’s OK for y’all, it’s not OK with me… I want to be normal again.”

CupcakKe says she feels like the media won’t ever take her seriously because of her size.

It’s worth mentioning the rapper is also allegedly struggling with a gambling addiction. She reportedly recently lost $700,000 at a casino.

In 2018, CupcakKe was hospitalized after threatening to commit suicide.

At the time of posting, Cup’s music was still available on streaming services, however her Twitter was removed and every post on Instagram is gone.

Sending Cupcakke positive vibes.

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