We don’t deserve CupcakKe.

We must protect CupcakKe at all costs.

By now we should all be aware that CupcakKe is a genuinely gifted rapper who is equally capable of making socially conscious songs about **** and police brutality and incredibly filthy *** bangers.

Her latest video is for “Biggie Smalls”, the body positivity anthem that slams unrealistic expectations moulded by the media and calls for everyone to celebrate who they are.

A few days ago, the rapper requested the help of her fans for the video and many of them appear in the video, all celebrating their different bodies in self-shot videos.

She has struck up a close connection with her fans with her hilarious online presence, which has seen her donate money to help pay their tuition, rent, and LGBT+ people that have been abandoned or made homeless.

“Biggie Smalls” is taken from CupcakKe’s second LP “Queen Elizabitch” and is inspired by her own weight gain in recent years.

“I been called a fat rat, a pig and everything you can possibly think of! I was afraid to wear bikinis and crop tops and shhh like that until I came across a girl who couldn’t gain weight at all,” she says. “We all deal with weight problems, whether it’s you want to gain or you want to lose. I just say be grateful with what you got.”

Watch the vid down under.

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