But… this is a legitimate bop?

CupcakKe goes indie.

Queen of Twitter, *** enthusiast and rapper behind the legendary anthem “CPR”, CupcakKe has served up a nice surprise with a feature on indie-pop duo K.I.D’s new song.

Canadian duo K.I.D is made up of Kara and Bobby, who have emerged from the quiet of Ontario with the wonderfully brash “Poster Child” EP, which features the unexpectedly brilliant collaboration.

“Boy” is a huge sing-a-long anthem about finally getting with that one person you’ve fantasised about more than you’d like to admit… I mean, don’t we all have that one person?

“All of my filthy dreams come true / When I pull you in the bar bathroom,” sings Kara. “Oh boy, I like your tongue in my mouth / Oh boy, I like my back on your couch.”

As always, CupcakKe delivers an X-rated verse that you maybe shouldn’t play around your parents but you will be rapping along to like you’re the new Lil Kim.

“I don’t call it moving fast / Now come **** me in the *** / **** brightened up my day / Like a camera on flash,”

CupcakKe and K.I.D are currently touring the U.S. and Canada together, so hopefully they’ll find time to film a video for it too.

Listen to “Boy” now.

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