The Rise of CupcakKe.

CupcakKe has a lot more to offer than “Cumshot” or “**********.”

While her raunchy persona and X-rated raps launched her to viral stardom, CupcakKe’s brilliant new album “Queen Elizabitch” puts her multifaceted talent on full display and proves her worth as a legitimate rapper.

To showcase this, she has released a video for “Reality Pt 4” – the latest acapella freestyle in a series across her releases – that shifts focus from bubblegum *** to the eye-opening storytelling in the song.

The 19-year-old raps of overcoming depression and suicidal thoughts last year, recalling an abusive past relationship and an estranged relationship with her father.

While *** and controversy will always be the biggest sellers, I’m glad to see CupcakKe’s talents are gaining recognition and I hope The Rise Of CupcakKe is her next story to tell.

Now, sis, can we get “CPR” next? The song of the summer needs a video to go with it.

Watch the new video below and stream “Queen Elizabitch” on Spotify and Apple Music.

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