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Our mission is to give emerging artists a unified place to reach their fans and share their music outside of social media.

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What is BreatheHeavy Creators?

Creators is BreatheHeavy’s new brand management sector. We want to build a roster of up-and-coming pop artists and help them break through the noise and be more visible to music lovers.



We’ll create you a personalized website, and promote your new material in the news section of and the Exhale forums.

Why is a website important?

You own everything

The domain name, the content, the information… you own it all. If for some reason your social media accounts are gone, how would you communicate with your fans? Through your website which you control. 


One of the most effective ways to reach listeners is through a newsletter. Once fans submit their email address, you have untapped access to reach them. They’re 10x more likely to check out your newest release via email than any social media platform.


Communication through your personal website will also drive sales, including song downloads and merchandise. Fans can even purchase items directly on your site without ever leaving. 


Industry professionals expect an artist to have a digital presence off social media. Give music execs the opportunity to learn more about you in thoughtful detail. It also shows you’re in this for the long-haul.

No limitations

Your website allows you to expand your artistry without limits in ways that align with your brand. There are no design or algorithm restrictions to adhere to. Your site, your rules.


Promote your music, upcoming events and ideas in a unified place. When your song is uploaded to Spotify and Apple Music, it should reside on your website. We’ll write a blog post outlining your vision of the work along with a place to stream it, giving fans invaluable insight into your art. 

Let us help you take your digital presence to the next level by creating innovative ways for you to engage with fans, expose your music and join the growing roster of BreatheHeavy-backed artists. transformed from a Britney Spears fansite to a leading pop music news force reaching hundreds of thousands of people per month. Quality content, user experience and a passion for pop music are essential ingredients for growth. We want to help share our wealth of knowledge and expertise in the area to up and coming artists. If you’re an artist on the rise… focus on the music, and leave the rest to us.

Jordan Miller
Head of BreatheHeavy

Share your music

Artists need a permanent place to share their music so it’s not lost on social media timelines.

Engage with listeners

Keep the dialogue going outside of social media.


We’ll create a unified look and feel for your website that’ll splash onto your social channels.


When someone sees your logo, your brand should stand out in an instant.

Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube channel profile branding.

Server setup

We’ll get your domain name and server set up so you can focus on making the new tunes.

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