Allan Parachini, a court spokesperson, just finished speaking to the press about Britney & Kevin’s custody hearing this morning. According to, the court is “pleased” with Britney’s progress. Here is a general overview of what Parachini said according to X17:


– Britney did not testify, but “there was an exchange or two between her and Commissioner Gordon.”

– Britney and Kevin did not speak directly to each other in court.

– “She was very business-like.”

– Britney’s former attorney, Stacy Phillips, has exited the case and Laura Wasser has replaced her, effective this morning.

– “Any officer of the court is pleased when he or she sees signs of progress,” Parachini said.

– “Both sides have been very cooperative,” and the court will continue to hear the case between Kevin and Britney for as long as it takes to resolve this.

– The scheduled trial date in August remains unchanged.

I hear there’s a very good chance Britney got her request of overnights with the boys! You know the drill – stay tuned!

UPDATE: Britney told reporters she is “pleased” with the outcome of today’s custody hearing according to Hey if she’s happy, I’m happy.

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