An X17 reporter on the scene “just spotted Ms. Britney Spears heading out of the courthouse RIGHT NOW!

With her dad on her right and attorney Blair Berk on her left, the pop star waits for an elevator on the 8th floor. She looks beautiful and radiant, says our guy, with a slight smile on her face.” According to TMZ, “both Britney and K-Fed walked out looking happy. Britney was friendly and chatty with reporters, but no word yet on what went down.”

None of the attorneys are expected to make any announcement. A statement from the commissioner will be made shortly on what has been decided for Britney’s custody / visitation rights.

Will she get overnights?

UPDATE 11:11 AM PT — Details will not be released according to TMZ. But there has been a change in the visitation agreement between Britney and Kevin — but neither side is giving out specifics. Ha! We’ll see how long that lasts.

Stay tuned…

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