UPDATE: Watch the lyric video


UPDATE // OCTOBER 25: Cosmos & Creature dropped a lyric video for the track. Watch below:


Time moves backwards in Cosmos & Creature’s celestial new song “Young.”

Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore of L.A. based pop duo, Cosmos & Creature, are quickly becoming the next big thing. Before Hollywood has had the chance to gobble them up, they independently released solo material while quietly crafting a collaborative EP together (see Burnette’s feature on Elephante’s “Plans”). They just released their first single off the project, a whimsical record (“progressive pop” as they put it) about about transitional periods of life.

“‘Young is about staying true to yourself, remembering where you came from & creating your own path even amidst chaos,” the duo tells BreatheHeavy.com, adding they want people to “feel understood by it.”

“There are so many journeys and roads life can lead you down but ultimately it’s up to you to steer the way.”

The harmonious production taps into electronic soul & alternative and incorporates live instrumentation. “We’re both heavily influenced by the 90s,” they continued.

Once when we were young
Didn’t care at all
Wish we could go back
Back when we were young

It’s a stunning new delivery for Cosmos & Creature, who have plans to put forth a lyric video documenting a recent trip to New York where the song was written before filming a full-fledged music video.

Listen here:

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