The X Factor live shows are heating up, and Britney fans sure are opinionated!

Since y’all are the most vocal fan-base of any artist on the Internet, why not take the opportunity to let THOUSANDS of people know who YOU want eliminated from this week’s The X Factor on the biggest Britney Spears website in the world!

Because this site’s very-well-known, you might not be surprised to find how accurate your contributions are when it comes to the live shows. You could actually INFLUENCE the show! Me, Jordan Miller and my MTV News buddy SuChin Pak recorded our vids to kick it off.

My pick: Arin Ray (even though he’s on Team Britney). Sorry bro, but you gots to go.

It’s simple, if you DISAGREE with someone’s pick, click in the module below.

If you want to START your own video challenge, click also in the module below.

It’ll prompt you to login using your Facebook credentials (your account is safe, I promise) and record a 30-second video. Then, simply write a sentence about your vid and submit.

The person with the most convincing Squabble gets a bottle of Fantasy Twist!

Contest ends before the Live Show this Thursday.

You talk the talk… Now let’s see you walk the walk.

If any of you experience any technical difficulties, contact us at support[@]

Good luck fellow fans.

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