Conspiracy Theory: Britney & Justin CAN'T See Each Other

****’s getting real after the Britney/Justin Timberlake craziness at the People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday. There’s a rumor floating around Britney and Justin haven’t seen each other in over a decade not because they hate each other, but because they A. contractually can’t and B. avoid it in case their feelings for each other spiral.

A purported insider said the two communicate through their music, because “If anyone of us were purposely barricaded from speaking to someone we care about. Shoot! You’ll find a way too.”

Justin recently released “The 20/20 Experience Part II.” On it, there’s a song titled “Pair Of Wings” that sounds an awful lot like his relationship with Brit.

It is a little odd they avoided each other so tactically at the PCA’s. Once more, Britney’s mentioned him a handful of times in recent interviews, including her nod to “Holy Grail” as her favorite song at the time.

They continue, “There are two reasons why Britney and Justin can not be in the same room. First by legal papers. For example contract that was sign by both to stay a distance from one another. And second, Well …”

You be the judge.

This alleged insider has no credibility, so take it with a grain of salt. Then again, where there’s smoke… there’s fire!