Four years ago today, Britney Spears was strapped to a gurney and wheeled away into an ambulance where she was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center under a 5150.

This began her slippery slope into a conservatorship, which is nearing four years since it’s inception.

There’s a court hearing in a couple days regarding the status of Britney’s conservatorship, which stripped Britney of her right to make personal and legal decisions. Months later Britney released “Circus”, toured the world, gave interviews, and did it all over again with “Femme Fatale.”

Ex-manager Sam Lutfi’s case against Lynne Spears for slander, libel and defamation of character also takes place this month. The conservators want to keep Britney from being deposed by Lutfi, who wants to clear his name regarding allegations he gave Britney drugs. If Britney’s free, she’s susceptible to this lawsuit and may have to go to court in person and recount the days of her public breakdown. “If the conservatorship is ended, Lutfi’s lawyer will seek to depose her,” said Beverly Hills-based Divorce Attorney Mark McBride.

“A conservatorship is a court-ordered plan which is put in place to protect people from themselves. It can be put in place if the person is acting erratically, making very bad financial decisions, has mental health issues such that their day to day functioning is impaired and affected, has drug problems, has a sense of being totally overwhelmed by a very busy or stressful life, or if the person presents the risk of hurting themselves or others,” McBride explained. “If the conservatorship is lifted, Britney has to face her legal woes. Right now, she’s getting her cake and eating it, too. She’s able to generate tons of cash but not have to face the legal music.”

Britney said in 2008:

“I’m kind of stuck in this place and I’m like, How do you deal? I just cope with it every day….It’s better not to feel anything at all and have hope than to feel the other way….It’s bad. I’m sad.”

Four years later nothing legally’s changed.

Every status hearing the chance for Britney to regain control comes and goes. She’s proven she can handle herself without restriction. Is 2012 Britney’s year of freedom? Rebellion? Or will she remain complacent?

What do YOU think?

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