Jamie Spears’ $18,000 a month allowance is, as of now, not in jeopardy.

A court hearing was held this weekend regarding Britney’s conservatorship status; Jamie Spears will remain in control over Britney’s personal and professional life.

According to Radaronline.com, “attorneys in the case went behind closed doors for two hours.”

After the long meeting, the legal representation went on the record for less than five minutes.

Commissioner Goetz, who only recently met Britney yet instated and enforced the conservatorship on Britney more than 1 year ago, ordered an accounting report of Britney’s finances which is due for court review no later than March13, with another status hearing scheduled for April 6.

The Commissioner also ordered that an attorney for Britney’s brother Bryan be paid $4777.50 “for services rendered in December and January.”

“The next scheduled hearing in the case will be a courtroom showdown on February 23rd when the restraining order matter will be heard.”

Image: x17online.com

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