Conservatorship Remains, No End In Sight

September 30, 2010 By Jordan Miller

That’s Britney leaving a meeting with Judge Reva Goetz regarding the status of her conservatorship Thursday morning.

She will remain under a conservatorship for the foreseeable future, according to

Britney had a “very nice conversation” with the judge about the status of her conservatorship, says Judge Reva Goetz.

“At this time all orders will remain in full force and effect,” says Goetz.

The judge discussed ending the conservatorship with the lawyers over the last few meetings, but for now it is not ending.

Goetz met with Britney and dad/co-conservator Jamie individually.

Says TMZ: “There was a petition to approve the “investment strategies” of Britney’s trust, and the judge gave the green light.”

Britney said in her 2009 documentary, “For The Record:”


“I’m kind of stuck in this place and I’m like, How do you deal? I just cope with it every day….It’s better not to feel anything at all and have hope than to feel the other way….It’s bad. I’m sad.”