In case you read otherwise, sources tell us Britney’s conservatorship will definitely not end tomorrow. There are reports Britney Spears will become a free woman tomorrow when lawyers for the conservatorship go to court to announce their intentions. Well here are their intentions. They will ask the judge to continue the conservatorship until the fall. We hear it may last until the end of the year.

Jamie Spears won’t be in court. The lawyers will deal with a few bookkeeping matters in chambers, but that’s it.



Britney Spears’ days under her father’s thumb are numbered. But it’s still a pretty big number.

Sources tell E! News that the popster’s conservatorship likely won’t be dissolved until the end of this year, despite rumors that the 26-year-old could regain control over her estate as soon as tomorrow, following a hearing on various issues pertaining to the arrangement.

Instead, attorneys for Jamie Spears are planning to ask Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz, who’s been presiding over the matter since the conservatorship was instated Feb. 1, to extend the order until the fall, according to a source familiar with the situation.

But while that sounds as if it could be grounds for more legal wrangling on Britney’s part, it’s unlikely that the recuperating songstress is going to fight what appears to be working – at least in terms of Britney being more of a virulent attention-getter as opposed to a prayer-inspiring basket case.

Following Britney’s second forced hospitalization in January, Jamie and attorney Andrew Wallet were appointed temporary co-conservators of the singer’s estate. Her dad also got a say as to who she came into contact with and when, as well as a $2,500 weekly allowance so that he could focus full-time on his oldest little girl.

Since Jamie took the reins of his daughter’s finances, medical care and overall welfare, she’s slowly rebuilt her relationship with her toddler sons, received sage wisdom from Mel Gibson, guest-starred twice on How I Met Your Mother, shot a video for Madonna’s upcoming concert tour and, ahem, gotten the closest she’s been to her prebaby bod since…well, since before she had her babies.

Britney’s legal camp says that she’s waiting until the conservatorship has ended to petition for joint custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James, who will be 3 and 2 in September, respectively. But last week, in handing sole custody over to ex-hubby Kevin Federline, a court granted her more time with the boys each week, as well as an extra overnight visit.

And, with no help from her dad, the “Toxic” blonde’s “Piece of Me” scored a nomination for Best Female Video at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, which takes place Sept. 7 in Hollywood.

Also to be dealt with Thursday – the Spears’ family’s temporary restraining order against former Britney bud Sam Lutfi, who Jamie and Lynne Spears accused of making a variety of manipulative moves while their daughter was emotionally and mentally vulnerable.

We hear that Jamie’s camp won’t move to make the order permanent—a motion Lutfi had been geared up to fight – and will just let the bad blood evaporate. Britney would still theoretically be barred from seeing Lutfi anyway because of Jamie’s continued oversight of who she spends her time with.



Britney Spears’s father will likely remain in control of the singer’s affairs following a court review Thursday, an expert says.

“I would be very surprised if the court ends her father’s control so soon,” says Terry K. Wasserman, a mental health attorney not involved in her case. “It’s rare for someone to regain their capacity in just 60 days.”

Two months ago, Spears’s attorney Samuel Ingham testified that the pop star was unfit to take part in legal proceedings. “In fact, they could be harmful to her,” Ingham said.

Jamie Spears, 56, was named temporary conservator of her affairs on Feb. 1 following his 26-year-old daughter’s two forced hospitalizations in January.

He has sole authority over whom she has contact with, and has hired security guards to watch her 24 hours a day. Her father also shares control with another lawyer over her multimillion-dollar estate.

Conservatorships can last anywhere from several months up to a person’s lifetime.

“Britney can only regain control of her life if she proves to the court – backed by medical experts – that she’s regained her health,” Wasserman says.

Thursday’s hearing will also determine whether a restraining order will be renewed against the singer’s former pal Sam Lutfi.

Last week, Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline, 30, ended their custody battle, reaching a settlement in which Federline retains sole custody of sons Preston, 2 1/2, and Jayden, 1 1/2, with visits by Spears.


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