If you don’t like the conservatorship topic, quit reading.

Actor Peter Falk, 81, is currently held under a conservatorship by his adopted daughter Catherine Falk, who, according to recently filed court documents, claims her father is “no longer able take care of himself due to deteriorating health,” and claims her adoptive father “requires full-time custodial care for his health and safety.”

Peter Falk, who reportedly suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, must now endure a drawn-out legal battle between his daughter Catherine and wife of 32 years Shera Danese Falk, who filed opposition papers on Tuesday, January 20, in the Los Angeles Superior Court claiming Catherine “never had a good relationship with him.”

Sound familiar?

According to the Dailynews.com, daughter Catherine Falk is “worried the actor ‘can easily be deceived into transferring away property’ and believes a conservatorship will protect Peter from ‘fraud or undue influence.'”

Sounding really familiar?

Wife Shera Falk is against the idea of a conservatorship, claiming there is not enough evidence to prove that Peter Falk is in need of a conservatorship, saying: “Catherine is unable to prove by clear and convincing evidence that a conservatorship is the least restrictive means necessary to protect Peter.

[The court] ‘need not take the drastic step of taking away Peter’s rights under the guise of a conservatorship.’

This poor man is in a tug-of-war between his daughter and wife over the rights to his multi-million dollar fortune. He is 81 years old. He literally cannot take care of himself because he suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.


Because it’s the only way they can force themselves back in her life. Her dad makes $16 THOUSAND dollars a MONTH to baby-sit a 27-year-old mother of two, who is fully capable of performing and touring around the world, but is “unable properly to provide for his or her personal needs for physical health, food, clothing, or shelter,” as the court documents state.

And if you recall, Britney DID object the conservatorship back in February when she consulted with attorney Adam Streisand, who was later mysteriously fired by the newly-appointed conservator Jamie Spears.

This girl is trapped. Why is NO ONE speaking out? Is a paycheck really worth the imprisonment of the biggest star in the world? Can’t you guys see what they’re doing is wrong???

Or is your precious comeback more important than her freedom.

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