Britney arrived to court this afternoon in her white Escalade, according to TMZ.

Here is Britney’s assistant Brett and bodyguard Edan arriving to the courthouse:

Dad Jamie has arrived as well.

According to, Sean and Jayden were dropped off at Britney’s home in Calabasas waiting for her to return.

The meeting is said to begin shortly (currently 2:00 PM PST).


A smiling Britney, who wore a gray jacket and blackshirt, attended her hearing today with dad Jamie around 1:45 PM, according to


Spears smiled as she stood at the attorney table next to her court-appointed lawyer Samuel Ingham. After Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz took the stand, Spears’s conservator lawyers requested to seal the courtroom because the hearing involved personal medical information.

The judge granted the request and ordered the media and others in the audience to leave.

No major announcements are expected today.

Stay tuned…


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