Britney’s first single “Womanizer” off her new album “Circus” already has the makings to become a huge success. The single was released to Radio at 6am EST this morning to z100, and is currently blowing up the charts.

The LA Times has taken a liking to the song, describing the track as “retro-futurism” that “takes a roller coaster ride via the snappy staccato beats crafted by the young Atlanta-based production team the Outsydas.” It’s clean and contemporary,” reports the site, “but also invokes the quick-witted style of vocal groups like the Andrews Sisters — a style Brit’s rival, Christina Aguilera, has mined to great success before. The highly manipulated vocal complements Brit’s Mississippi Valley Girl diction; though she’s been turned into a robot (again), she actually sounds engaged.”

Not feeling the song so much is‘s music critic Jim Farber, who claims “Womanizer” is not the brilliant single Britney needs. “From the sound of it, it should have been delayed indefinitely,” says Farber. “Spears delivers the title word no fewer than nine times in a row, in a nagging tone meant to mimmic the most irritating of schoolyard taunts.”

Despite mixed reviews, the single has been confirmed for an October 7th release date according to Britney’s official label website, leaving 3 solid weeks of air time before being digitally released on iTunes on October 7th.

I smell a new #1!

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