Britney, for those who think young!

Britney, for those who think young!

The rumors were true. Britney will make an appearance in a new Pepsi advertisement airing during the Super Bowl next month.

Pepsi CMO Greg Lyons confirmed so. But here’s where things get a bit hazy – it doesn’t look like Britney will have her very own commercial like fans speculated. Instead, she’ll make a cameo in one of them.

Lyons explains: “Pepsi has been part of the culture for the past 120 years, whether it’s music or sports or celebrity, and so we’re launching a new campaign that we’re going to kick off at the Super Bowl, called Pepsi Generations, and it’s celebrating our history in pop culture with some of the most famous partners we’ve ever had,” he said.

The not-so good news: “So as we announced,” Lyons continues, “Cindy Crawford’s part of it, along with her son Presley, and it will also feature Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Uncle Drew is going to be part of it, so it’s jam-packed with iconic artists that were part of our history and it’s going to end with a look forward at where we’re going as a brand as well.”

See what Exhale is saying about this.

It gets even murkier. It’s not clear if it will feature NEW footage of Britney, or clips from some of her past iconic commercials.

OK, so either Britney is 1.) Appearing in a new commercial altogether, 2.) has new footage featured in one or 3.) it includes old footage. One way or another, you’ll see your fav during the Super Bowl.

Why is it so difficult being a Britney fan SMH.

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  1. Calm down people, everybody CALM DOWN!!
    Britney is PREMIUM! If you want things regular, go ask your faves questions on freaking Twitter. With her we just have to…..wait………and see…….. *STARTS BAWLING*

  2. Why so negative, Jordan? I don’t see anything wrong with the idea. Yes, she deserves her own commercial but she cannot always do the same thing she did in the past. Personally, I love the idea. Its something to look forward to and its something fresh. And, this commercial may be an indication for next year’s Brit’s superbowl performance

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