Confirmed: Britney Interview In This Week’s OK! Magazine

August 12, 2008 By Jordan Miller

Just over a year ago, Britney Spears made headlines around the world when she experienced an embarrassing meltdown at an OK! photo shoot, ruining thousands of dollars of designer clothing and doing further damage to a once brilliant career that had already been tarnished by late-night pantyless parties with Paris Hilton, multiple trips to rehab and the infamous public head-shaving incident.

Now, in an exclusive interview with OK!, the pop superstar is finally going on the record to talk openly about her kids, her parents and her career.

In addition to the exclusive photos and interview with Britney, her father Jamie Spears, who has been helping to guide his daughter back to a normal life, speaks openly to OK! about his relationship with Britney and his feelings about her ex-husband Kevin Federline.