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The Top Pop Music News comments left this week:

By Roxxy in Britney Spears Sounds Off On Internet Bullies

Ugh I hate that this is happening. This is gonna dampen her spirit even more. Every year since Femme Fatale she is losing the drive to be a popstar. If this is actually true, like if she is aware of what people think of her and all the nasty comments, then that’s just gonna send her into a downward spiral again. She’s already very insecure about a lot of things that’s why she’s constantly at the “clinic”. 🙄 I just wish when Sam and Brit do the nasty – i hope Sam tells her she’s the best and she slays and she’s the hottest ******* the planet and maybe that will brainwash her into thinking she is that b1tch. Because she is. I know deep down, “Strong Britney” lives.

By Tabbiscuit in Harry Styles’ New Album ‘Fine Line’ Is Predicted To Sell…

He totally deserved it. He’s completely reinvented himself, seems so comfortable with his style and the album is amazing. I hate that people are claiming he got the numbers because of “gay pandering” and whatnot. LGBTQ Artists that are already out and proud wouldn’t sell this much let alone by pandering.

By Britney in Taylor Swift’s ‘Cats’ Performance Shut Out Of Oscars, Beyonce Nominated

I hope the song “Speechless” from Aladdin wins. My boys and I love watching that movie! I used to sing that song in my foyer all the time. Maybe I’ll post the video if people stop being so mean online! 😵🐵🦋🎄

By SerenaT in Normani Stans Hijack Camila Cabello’s #AskCamila Campaign On Twitter

The way the Camila stan writer of this post freely lies like there rest of her hateful stans do. The hack and leak of those conversations were 100% real. See this: “The way that Camilizers stay trying to convince people the screenshots of conversations with different people, videos, never before seen pictures, music, etc were “fake” because it showed Camila’s true colors behind their backs is still a riot. Anyone who was there from the beginning and saw it all as it happened knows it’s 100% real.
The Camilizers think people are stupid. Literally what they do is link tweets from random troll accounts who had nothing to do with the hacking group and leaks saying “lolz it was fake I was the one who faked it ahhah”. B- please. They also say Camila’s Facebook account back then was Karla so it’s fake when the truth is her personal Facebook account used Karla and when she audition for X Factor she started used Camila Cabello permanently. A couple of people even corroborated this online back then when that stuff leaked.
And Dinah was also hacked. An underaged half-**** pic of her was leaked but taken down immediately by the hacking group because they got legal threats from the girls’ teams, which they had posted. The hacks included never before seen pictures and music and private conversations that Camila had even jokingly referenced on her Twitter. Those Guzman sisters who are friends of hers and also used the n word used it not only on Facebook but also on Twitter multiple times in conversation with Camila and about others (including artists). They also used the n word with the hard r, like Camila .
Camila not only used the n word freely, as we know not just from the hack but also from her old 1D stan account, the leaks also showed her saying she wanted to punch Ally in the face, was jealous of Lauren, had a psychotic obsession with Harry Styles that Ally saying she found him cute made her want to punch her more.
And the fact that many of those comments from her that were exposed in that big leak were from the group’s first early era together showed she’s been a narcissistic opportunist with a victim complex from the beginning. The backstabbing and deserting later didn’t surprise anyone paying attention.”

By Khaleesi in Liam Payne’s New Album Debuts Outside The Top 100

His music is trash and basic as hell.
And on top of that those homophobic comments didn’t really help him. DRACARYS to his solo career, *****.

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  1. I am very happy to see Britney charting in 2019! ❤

    Thank you to the Recording Academy! And as the first woman to win album of the year at the Grammys twice… nope, I’m not gonna do that. Haha! Thank you Jordan and thank you BreatheHeavy. 😘

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