Guess we know why Britney is currently in talks for an endorsement deal! She’s gonna need all the extra dough she can get. The commissioner in the conservatorship case has just ordered Britney to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawyer & conservator fees according to TMZ: “The Commish has ordered that court-appointed lawyer Sam Ingham can get $10,000 a week through July 31.” On top of that, “Andrew Wallet, a co-conservator, just got the green light for $100,000. And the Luce Forward law firm will get $175,000, and that’s just for their work through March 31. Clark Byam, another attorney, will get $22,500. Stacy Phillips, the lawyer repping Brit in the family law case, will get $75,000 for work through March 31.”

“Jamie Spears’ lawyers, Geraldine Wyle and Andrew Wallet (who is also a co-conservator) were both present at the Los Angeles Superior Court this afternoon. Additionally, Clark Byam, another Spears family lawyer, was present,” according to X17. “Commissioner Reva Goetz acknowledged a petition that was filed on March 17th by Jon Eardley. That document challenges Spears’ legal represenation, and Goetz announced that the petition was stricken. Samuel Ingham, the court appointed attorney, will continue to represent Brit.”

Next court date is May 29, 2008.


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