Seems like everyone’s turning on the popular streaming platform.

It seems ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ will not appear on Spotify.

Following Taylor Swift’s decision last year to pull her entire back catalog from Spotify and Adele’s choice to withhold ’25’ from the platform, Coldplay are the latest in an increasingly long line of artists who aren’t utilizing the free streaming service.

In potentially less surprising news, the album will still appear on paid services Apple Music and Tidal where Coldplay will be compensated more generously per stream.

More and more artists are choosing not to allow Spotify, which allows free users to access all content, to host their music because of the way they’re compensated, principally under the guise of unfair payment to the creators. The argument has been battered by proponents of Spotify, as they observe that almost all of the artists who do remove their music from the site are in no way strapped for cash and that it’s corporate greed driving the decision making process rather than artistic integrity.

With the amount of back and forth that the issue’s received in the last 18 months, it feels like everyone’s sick of talking about the pros and cons of Spotify, but frankly it feels like about time that artists accept it as the staple of the industry that it has become.

There’s no word yet on how long ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ will be withheld from the streaming platform. The album drops tomorrow (December 5.)

What do you think of Coldplay’s decision? Savvy business tactics or needless greed?