Coldplay Frontman Hopes He Makes Rihanna's New Album

Getting on Rihanna’s album is harder than Christina Aguilera resisting pickles and coffee ice cream during her pregnancy.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin tells Fresh 102.7 in New York City he’s not sure he’ll make Riri’s upcoming album because competition is that stiff.

“She has so many amazing people writing for her. It’s like trying to win American Idol, getting a song on Rihanna’s album,” Martin said.

He added writing for Rihanna is a “busman’s holiday” — meaning he was meant to be on a break from work and decided to spend that time in the studio writing songs.

The two were spotted grabbing dinner together a few weeks back, but all the wining and dining doesn’t impress the Barbadian Queen.

“I don’t think she even asked, I just said, ‘Please can I try something?’” Martin said of going into the studio to write for her. “…Sometimes there’s a break from Coldplay stuff and I love to go and work on other music. It gives you fresh angles and new ideas. Things like that.”

Watch his interview here (starts at 1:43):

Are YOU down for a Rihanna/Chris Martin collabo? Yes please.