CNN: The Next OK Magazine

August 12, 2007 By Jordan Miller

You know what kills me about this? CNN dedicates an entire show to completely breaking down Britney to such a microscopic level, that they themselves are the ones looking crazy. God bless Nancy Grace for at least trying to defend Britney, but that is not her role. Her job is to ask the questions. The people on the other end, for instance the woman in the black glasses who hasn’t been laid for ten years, are there to do what? There is no debate occurring, nor is there even a conversation. It is 20 fragmented thoughts jumbled together in an attempt to portray Britney in a manner that suits their contracts, and gives CNN more viewers. And I love when they cut to the stripper picture of Britney (which they fail to mention is for her new music video). Just goes to show how the media can twist anything to make it look one way or another.

Everything that comes out of Susan Moss’ mouth is perhaps this and allegedly that. “Let’s look at the facts,” she says. Not ONE single allegation she talked about was ever confirmed or proved. Threatening a photographer’s life? Soda in baby bottles? Hair follicle substance test? Eyes rolling in the back of her head at the OK shoot? Disheveling bathroom breaks? Where are the facts Susan?

The fact of the matter is you are using what the media wants you to use as your source. I’m not saying Britney is 100% innocent. But I don’t dare to go as far as you and accuse her of things that have no evidence. Instead of hating on others, why not take a good long look at yourself. I usually let things like this slide, but enough is enough.

Hope you got your ratings.