Club G-A-Y has issued an apology via email for their major screw up this past weekend in the UK.

In case you were hiding under a rock, Britney’s G-A-Y appearance turned into a giant mess: overcrowding, letdown fans, Britney’s whilrwind appearance etc. The “apology” states there was a lot of confusion and chaos as to whether Britney would actually take the stage or not, hence the giant debacle:


There are few facts that I would like to correct, because not everything about Saturday has been reported correctly. So first of, Yes, I had approached Britney to make an appearance at G-A-Y, never a performance, it was just for an appearance, I knew she was only in the UK for 24 hours & there would have been no rehearsal time, so my approach was only for an appearance, nothing was ever confirmed, hence the reason I advertised a Britney Party, however at no stage did I ever advertise that Britney would be there.

There was a possibility that Britney would appear but it had to be hush hush, when the story leaked in the Sun, it meant it was going to be unlikely, but still a possibility, so to try & make it still happen, I didn’t respond to the Sun article, because it would make it even less likely, plus I couldn’t say either way whether she would be there as, the truth is, I didn’t know & wasn’t going to know to the very last minute, which is how it would happen…

When Britney arrived, no one had spoken to her about going on stage, even though I had had discussions with her tour manager & security & therefore she hadn’t planned going on stage & wasn’t in the right frame of mind to. I did everything to try & persuade her, & she was thinking about it but as people started to move to the front, the front half of the dance floor was getting to busy where as the back half by the bar wasn’t because people were surging forward, so that’s why I went on stage to say she wasn’t coming on, even though she was still considering it. I wanted her to come on stage but once I knew it wasn’t going to happen, even after several other announcements people wouldn’t believe she wasn’t going to come on & wouldn’t move, hence it becoming a dangerous situation, we tried to get people to move back but they wouldn’t.

Seems to me this apology is more of an excuse or justification for ******* up.

For the full apology statement, click READ MORE.

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