Clean Bandit and Julia Michaels team up on “I Miss You.”

The dreary EDM power ballad cuts like a knife. The British electronic trio wrap Julia’s vulnerable (and at times robotized) vocals in warm strings and a haunting piano melody.

“You weren’t a fan of pictures / So I hardly ever took ’em,” Julia sings. “Got them saved in my mind from the bedroom / So that way I can’t forget your skin / So I saved all the texts / All of the best over the years / Just to remind myself / Of how good it is / Or was.”

The video is as elegant as the song is somber. Julia and Clean Bandit rock blood-orange suits and sing in the countryside. As one shape takes form in the background, a new world unveils itself. It’s understated, and that’s a good thing; the lyrics deserve the spotlight.

Watch below:

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