Classic Britney Media

May 26, 2007 By Jordan Miller

So… there’s no new updates. And I hate that. So that leaves me no choice but to post some classic Britney! Just wait for them to fully load.

The first is the amazing clip of Britney allegedly stoned off her ***. It was a deleted scene from the ‘Chaotic’ DVD. Wouldn’t surprise me if she was just being a sober nutso that night, though. Huh what really?


This is an mp3 studio version of Britney’s rap she performed on Punk’d back in 2004. How you gon’ stop me now?


And only because I have received like 5 emails over this. Vote for Britney on the hellomagazine website for most attractive woman of the month! (Not sure what she gets if she wins… but who cares I suppose).

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