What Did I Just Watch. City Girls And Cardi B. “Twerk” Video. So. Much. Ass.

City Girls and Cardi B’s “Twerk” music video is mesmerizing.

I know what you’re thinking. ‘Ugh. Where’s my 2019 ass shaking anthem?’ Well your search is over.

Hip-hop duo City Girls and Cardi B just released a video for their new song together. It’s appropriately titled “Twerk,” and in the music video a fleet of scantily clad women do just that for four minutes straight. Ok, not JUST that. There’s some pole dancing, too tee hee.

How did this come about? City Girls’ Yung Miami launched a challenge where women could send in videos of themselves twerking to a single off their debut album, Girl Code. The Top 20 received an all-expenses paid trip to compete for $25,000 and voila! The “Twerk” video.

See who’s crowned the winner in the NSFL video below (keep an eye out for her death drop at the end. Thought she broke her neck not gonna lie):

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