“Circus” tour fan pictures update!

Check out these new shots of Britney performing her “Circus” show in Atlanta, Georgia Friday night. According to many fans who submitted their pictures and stories, Britney did not drop down from the ceiling during the start of the show, nor did she perform “Everytime” on the umbrella.

Still looked like a great show to me!

Click below to view:

And enjoy Britney’s “Get Naked” performance from Atlanta (includes *** crack!)

Enjoy 2 new shots of Britney’s happy-go-lucky assistant, Felicia Culotta, at Britney’s “Circus” show in Orlando, FL several days ago, courtesy of BreatheHeavy reader Joseph Fleck. According to the fan, Fe told him: “Ya’ll have the best seats in the house!”

“I went to the Orlando show on the first of September,” said the fan. “I met Felicia, Chase Benz, Tiana, and saw Larry (who was rude as hell), and Jamie (who was also rude as hell).”

Plus one bonus shot of Fe at a show in Boston last week:

Also captured at Brit’s Orlando show are Memaw (holding Sean Preston) and Pepaw (holding baby Maddie):

But wait, there’s more!

Check out a few of Brit’s backup dancers (who all LOVE BreatheHeavy), including Brit’s old rumored crush Chase Benz.

And a bonus shot of the dancers in Boston last week:

Plus, what “Circus” show wouldn’t be complete without a cross dressing Britney impersonator?! Miss Derrick Barry took the stage in Orlando and performed his best “Circus” show at an afterparty, wearing an almost identical outfit Britney does.

HA, and to think BS.com tried taking that bish from BreatheHeavy!

And to end this Circus-tastic post, another set of Britney performing her show in Orlando.

Click below to view:

Thanks to all those that submitted! Keep sending in your photos and stories!

Britney is scheduled to perform TONIGHT at the Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Happy Saturday!

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