It’s like a less crazy and more risqué/dancey version of “Blank Space.”

Ciara Takes It All Off In

Sweat drippin’ from mah body.

Ciara did exactly what she said she was going to do for her “Dance Like We’re Making Love” music video and brought the song lyrics to life.

In the David Meyers-directed clip, which premiered on Thursday evening (July 16) on Sony’s Times Square billboard in New York City, Cici gets a little exotic by taking over a mansion for some fun in the sun, pool acrobatics and, of course, dancing. It all begins with the singer’s very own (solo) wet t-shirt contest as she winds and grinds in a pool with a lion watching nearby because that’s what you do when you’re Ciara. She eventually decides to leave the pool and put on some clothes to tantalize some handsome bystander in the garden. Hasn’t anyone ever told you, Cici? STRANGER DANGER!

Regardless, she lets homeboy into her house, where he decides to make himself a drink at the bar. Cici shows up in a gorgeous lace dress, which only prompts the two to dance like they’re making love. Duh. However, right at the climax of their sequence, Ciara magically disappears out of her dress and into the hallway of the mansion, where she rips off the gown and removes every single piece of jewelry. Fully ****. Completely naked. Exposed. Cue the outro glamour shot.

Ciara recently described the video as “dance-gasmic” and said that it ranks as her best video to date. “I just wanted to really really get lost in the song. When I’m performing this song and singing it, I feel very confident,” she explained. “I also feel a sensual side…The video really helps me to tell you my exact vision for the record.”

Watch the “Dance Like We’re Making Love” music video below!

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