The “Jackie” singer promotes with a high energy performance on the popular morning show.

Ciara Performs "I Bet" On The Today Show

Ciara performed “I Bet” on the Today show this morning.

The R&B star is on a mission to promote her sixth studio album, “Jackie,” releasing a handful of songs ahead of its release that includes her Dr. Luke crafted song, “Dance Like We’re Making Love,” her Missy Elliott & Pitbull assisted track titled “That’s How I’m Feelin'” and the “I Bet” remix featuring T.I.. She continues the promo with a performance of “I Bet” on the Today show, saying the album is named after her mother and what it’s like to be a mom herself, saying: “Now being a mom, I can see the world through her eyes and what it’s like to be in her shoes,” Ciara revealed before her performance. “It’s really the coolest thing that’s happened in my life.”

Catch the performance below:

Ciara’s set to debut the music video for her Diane Warren-written song, “I Got You,” starring her one-year-old son.

“Having my son has just changed my life in such a great way and it’s totally inspired me,” she said. “I’m just so expressive these days and I just feel like, ‘I’m a woman.’ I’m embracing everything that comes with it and it’s given me a whole ‘nother level of confidence, and it definitely has inspired me in such a great way in the recording process.”

Afterwards, Ciara celebrated Cinco de Mayo by watching a bunch of strangers make guacamole for her (“muy bueno, perfecto”). Queen.

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