Ciara debuted “I Bet” live on Live with Kelly & Michael this morning.


Ciara is getting on her promo grind in anticipation of new album, ‘Jackie’.

Ciara’s lead single from her forthcoming 6th studio LP may not have set the charts on fire yet, but the “Goodies” star has only just begun promoting the R&B ballad. Kicking things off with her first televised performance of the Harmony Samuels produced slow-jam, Ciara delivered a heartfelt and vocally competent rendition of “I Bet”.

The performance was an alteration in tone for Ciara, much as the song itself is. We’re used to seeing the Ciara who rocks complex choreography with ease, but it’s often at the sacrifice of a satisfactory live vocal. With “I Bet” CiCi is changing her MO and proving that she can work a mic and a band with the best of them. Was it an outstanding vocal performance? No, but it’s a change of pace and that should be applauded. Plus the R&B diva sang with passion and conviction which is more than we can extract from a large proportion of stars hitting the stage right now.

Despite it being a compelling performance, hopefully the second cut from ‘Jackie’ will be something a bit more upbeat that showcases Ciara’s always pretty much flawless dance moves and gives her a bit of a boost on the charts, because the reception to “I Bet” so far has been a little underwhelming.

What did you think of Ciara’s first “I Bet” performance?