She also touches on her upcoming album.


Ciara defends her Jackie album sales.

Cici recently announced she’s canceling her tour to focus on recording her next studio album. She told fans “Unfortunately, my upcoming tour is moving again.. Why?…I’m currently in the process of making the best album of my career!” I want to give all of you an incredible show… A show that you deserve! Therefore, I gotta stay focused in the studio and commit myself to this new music.”

Ciara didn’t mention less than stellar ticket sales could be to blame, but she is touching on the topic in a new interview in regards to her latest record, Jackie.

“It’s about the journey,” she candidly says. “My journey has been pretty fun. We live in a time where record sales are way different… I’m not gonna blame it all the time because I’m really proud of the album. I feel like it was one of my best body of work that I’ve done to date. I’m really proud of that. I got to go on tour for the album and it was really cool. I’m grateful for the journey, I’m grateful for the process and I’m really proud of that body of work.”

She also touched on the next record. “Super exciting,” she said. “I’m super super thrilled about this next chapter and I do believe this will be my best body of work for sure. I think that my fans will be very happy with the direction that I’m going to go in.” As for when we can expect the album? “When it’s ready.”

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