Ciara shows us how she’s feelin’.

Ciara Featuring Missy Elliott & Pitbull "That's How I'm Feelin'"

Ciara brings out the big guns to promote her new album “Jackie,” enlisting the help of Missy Elliott and Pitbull on “That’s How I’m Feelin’.”

Snippets from her entire record hit the net this week before leaking entirely ahead of its release on May 4, but one song Ciara wants you to take special attention of is her star-studded collaboration for her Polow Da Don-produced hit, “That’s How I’m Feelin’.” Her latest proves “Jackie” is one of the strongest records this year so far.

I ain’t easy but I just might go home with you tonight / that’s how I’m feelin’

Listen to it here:

Pitbull’s verse we could do without, but that’s said for most songs. Missy on the other hand kills it with her pitched, energetic contribution.

The feel good release follows her Dr. Luke crafted jam, “Dance Like We’re Making Love,” and “I Bet” with T.I.

One thing we can’t ignore is it’s a carbon copy of The Paradiso Girls’ version released years ago:

You did that girl? Thoughts on Ciara’s new song?